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    Philips Hue bedienen met HomeWizard

    Hue pallet in HomeWizard app







    Control all your lights using one app

    Philips Hue compatibility has been added to the HomeWizard app in version 2.8. From the home screen you can now switch Hue lights on or off, dim them and select one of 16 million beautiful colours. 

    Hue lights can also be combined with your existing lights into scenes and actions, and controlled with the click of a button or wall switch.






    Blauwe scene met Hue





    Timers, actions and scenes use

    All the automations in HomeWizard also apply to your Hue lights. For instance, timers can be set to turn on Hue lights in a specific colour at a specific time. Hue can also be used in an ‘action’, to turn on the light when a motion detector is activated. By combining several Hue (and regular) lights into a ‘scene’, it becomes possible to light the entire home in the right colour and mood with a single click. The colour of every individual Hue light can be defined in a scene.

    This creates the possibility of turning on a group of Hue lights with a regular wall switch while retaining the colour settings.





    Timers instellen





    Simply add and synchronise

    Adding Hue lights to HomeWizard is easy: the app automatically searches for the Hue bridge within a home network. After pressing the button on the bridge the connected lights are synchronized with HomeWizard. The entire range of Hue products are supported, including the GU10 and BR30 spots and ‘LightStrips’. 

    Within the app you can then change the name and settings for each lamp individually.









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