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    The HomeWizard Hub is the nerve centre of your smart home.  It allows you to gain access to and control different appliances and devices installed in your home by using your smartphone.  Home utilities that can be remotely controlled range from lights, thermostats and security cameras to motion sensors, wind meters and energy control units.

    All you need to do is configure the Hub with your home’s Wi-Fi network and install the HomeWizard App on your smartphone.  You can then add and connect to all appliances compatible with the HomeWizard Hub.  This means no extra remote controls for separate devices and no loading your Smartphone with different apps.  It is just one easy-to-use app for complete home control from anywhere in the world: home lighting, video surveillance, heating/cooling control, weather monitoring, and energy management, amongst others.

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    Key Benefits and Advantages

    Simple and Affordable to Use

    Handling everyday devices at home with the HomeWizard Hub is both simple and affordable.  Simple because all it needs to configure is a home Wi-Fi network and a smartphone app.  Affordable because once you set your system up, you don’t have any subscription fees or ongoing payments to worry about.     

    Controls Everything at Home

    The HomeWizard Hub is designed to let you control everything at home using your smartphone.  This includes lighting, home security, weather control, blinds, sun screen controls and energy control units, amongst others.  Via the HomeWizard app, you can dim a group of lights to save energy,  schedule your blinds to automatically shut in the evening, check the temperature in and around your home when away and a lot more.

    Sends Push Notifications to All Smartphones, Tablets, and More

    HomeWizard has apps for iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets.  This means you can control your favourite home utilities using almost all devices and receive push notifications for important events that happen at home in your absence.  Plus, with the HomeWizard Online application installed on your desktops PC or laptops, you can use a web browser to access and control everything at home connected to the Hub. 

    Helps Reduce Energy Bills

    The HomeWizard Hub lets you keep a check on your energy consumption in a numbers of ways.  It allows you to program your thermostat to automatically adjust to the climate changes.  Another way is by giving you the convenience to dim a set of lights at any one time.  Above all, with the energy control units installed you can remotely track your utility consumption by day, week, month or year to make energy-saving adjustments for the future. 

    Expands When Required

    The HomeWizard Hub not only makes controlling your home easy but also provides flexibility to scale your system when required.  For instance, you may just opt to control your home lighting at present and then decide to add video surveillance, remote weather monitoring or energy control to your setup sometime in the future.  The Hub is designed to take care of your future scalability.

    Works With Third-Party Devices

    The HomeWizard Hub is versatile.  It works with a range of wireless switch controls, dimmers, lights, security cameras, weather control systems and energy control units manufactured by other home automation companies, so you are not restricted to using our products.  Switches and sensors from CoCo/Home Easy; sunscreens from Somfy (RTS); security cameras from Foscam; and weather sensors from TFA can connect to the HomeWizard Hub.  This gives you the freedom to build your own bespoke home control system.

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    Features at a Glance 






    Lighting control 

    Make different groups of lights activate at the same time.

    Learn more about HomeWizard’s remote home lighting control applications.  











    ome Automation IP Camera Snapshot Sent Directly to Your Smart Phone







    Security and Awareness

    Keep an eye on your home security camera in real-time or receive push notifications as soon as your smoke detector is triggered.

    Learn more about HomeWizard’s home security and monitoring applications.







    Somfy RTS Remote Controls Through App







    Somfy blind control

    Control your blinds and sun screens through your smartphone, or set the curtains, blinds and awnings on a timer for automatic opening and closing.  

    Learn more about HomeWizard’s remote blinds and curtain control applications.







    Using Laptop to Control Your Smart Home Automation System




    Weather monitoring

    Access weather updates, or use data from weather sensors to activate your home heating.  

    Learn more about HomeWizard’s wireless weather monitoring applications.

    HomeWizard’s Home Automation App Easy to Upgrade







    Regular updates

    Make your home energy consumption more transparent and track it by day, week, month and year.  Learn more about HomeWizard’s wireless home energy management function (Coming soon to the UK).

    Control the heating in your home with your smartphone without replacing the currently installed thermostat and boiler (Coming soon to the UK).









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