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    Know what is happening in and around your home

    With HomeWizard’s family of products, you can easily put together a reliable home security system in place that provides complete peace of mind when you are away.  Key components of our system include the HomeWizard Hub (main control panel), the HomeWizard App, security cameras, motion sensors and magnetic door sensors.

    The Hub connects directly to the home Wi-Fi network and communicates with the cameras and sensors installed at home.  All you need to do is install the app on your smartphone or tablet and you are ready to receive push notifications when sensors detect anything unusual.  You can also use your Smartphone when in the office and access your security camera to see what is happening at home.

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    Key Benefits and Advantages

    Push Notifications to Keep You Aware

    The HomeWizard Hub sends push notifications to your Smartphone for events that take place at home: opening of the door, sounding of the smoke alarm and activation of the motion sensor, amongst others.  Just from one easy-to-use HomeWizard App, you know what's happening at home wherever you are.

    Real-Time Surveillance via Your Smartphone

    The Hub, the App and the security camera help you keep a real-time watch on your home through your smartphone.  You can also access your camera after receiving a push notification for a trigger event so that you can quickly notify your family, neighbours or the fire service so they can take the appropriate action.  This helps you keep in touch with what’s happening at home even when you are not there.

    Text Alerts to Neighbours for Added Security

    HomeWizard’s text (SMS) alert notification service ensures you receive your alerts any time and in any place, even if your smartphone is out of a mobile internet zone.  So, whenever your home sensors are activated and you have no access to the mobile internet, you will receive SMS alerts on your phone.  What’s more, you can configure the hub to send text alerts to friends, neighbours or relatives so that they can take any necessary action in your absence.

    Automated Lights to Simulate Your Presence

    The HomeWizard App allows you to make your motion detectors and lighting controls work in tandem.  By setting such routines your living room lights automatically switch on as soon as the motion sensors are triggered. This simulates your presence at home even if you are not in.

    Sound Alarm In Response to Unwanted Motion

    The HomeWizard App can let you set an ‘action’ of activating your sound alarm as soon as an unwanted motion is tracked by the sensor or when the magnetic door sensor gets activated.

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     Features at a Glance






    Pull up your smartphone and check which cabinets, doors and windows are unintentionally left open.

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    Set the routine to switch on the lights to simulate your presence when motion sensor detects an unusual activity.

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    Receive a push-notification on your smartphone app when someone presses your doorbell.

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    Check the current status of all your motion sensors, magnetic door sensors, and smoke detectors installed at home when you are on holiday.

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    IP Cameras




    Access your security cameras at home real-time via your Smartphone to get complete peace of mind that your home is safe and secure.

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    SMS alerts to you and your neighbours when any of your motion sensors are triggered.

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